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KPAL Self Healing Clear TPU Paint Protection Film
KPAL Self Healing Clear TPU Paint Protection Film
KPAL Self Healing Clear TPU Paint Protection Film
KPAL Self Healing Clear TPU Paint Protection Film
KPAL Self Healing Clear TPU Paint Protection Film
KPAL Self Healing Clear TPU Paint Protection Film

KPAL Self Healing Clear TPU Paint Protection Film

 Model Number: KA

1.Competitve price product                              

2.Easy installation                              

3.High Glossy                                    

4.Good Hydrophobicity 


Application Field:

It is widely used in the fields of traffic safety protection, display screen protection, household products 

protection, automobile and other vehicles' paint and interior decoration.

Model Number








Top Coating

Super hydrophobic property

Glue Type

Imported Removable Glue


1 roll

Single Package Size


Single Gross Weight

12.6 KG




KPAL Package/Blank Package


Cost Effective


Product Features:


1. All-Round Protection Of Body Surface From Damage

It can avoid the bruises caused by flying sand and stones, and solve the worries in the process of high-speed driving. 

Anti-accidental scratch (it can protect the paint from scratches when the car is slightly scratched during parking or driving).


2. Make The Surface Of Cars Shiny For A Long Time

Excellent anti-permeability and corrosion resistance, good protection against acid rain, asphalt, insect resin, leaf spots, bird 

droppings and other stains penetration and corrosion. So that the car surface does not produce spots and matting and other 

undesirable phenomena.


3. Enhance The Surface Brightness Of Car Paint

Increases the brightness of the paint by 40% and stays bright for a long time. Avoid the cost of waxing and sealing glaze.


4. Scratch Resistant

The surface of the product is coated with a layer of elastic memory repair coating, with self-repair function, for the scratch 

caused by the driver can be quickly self-repair, without follow-up maintenance.


5. Long Protection Against Fading Of Car Paint

The product has super anti-ultraviolet function and 10 years of stable performance, can protect the car paint from oxidation 

and fading for a long time.


6. High Hydrophobicity

With super anti-pollution ability, it can make the car paint surface protective film shrink the water into water droplets, so that 

the liquid is not easy to remain, to prevent the formation of scale after the pollution of car paint. The normal car needs to be 

cleaned every two weeks, and the hydrophobic car can reduce the number of times, difficulty and cycle of car and clothing care, 

can maintain the lasting appearance of the paint surface, improve the service life.


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Q1: Can you provide free samples of your products?

A: Yes. We can offer you A4 size samples free of charge, but you need to bear the freight to your country.


Q2: How do you transport the goods to my country?

A: We will choose the best express service for small quantity of goods. If the quantity is large, how to transport 

depends on the actual needs of customers, including sea, air and land transportation.


Q3: How about your delivery time?

A: Generally, it will take 3 to 5 working days after receiving your advance payment. The specific delivery time 

depends on the items and the quantity of your order.

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