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Anti-yellow Tpu Car Paint Protection Film Car Of KPAL PPF


Anti-yellow Tpu Car Paint Protection Film Car Of KPAL PPF

Many people put films on cars for the purpose of protecting cars and improving their appearance. As a result, the yellowing film reduced the appearance of the car a lot. Why is this? Is there any film that does not turn yellow?

In that way, what is PPF? It is a kind of polyurethane film, which is simply a transparent protective film for car paint, also called car PPF. The product material contains anti-UV polymer, which has the characteristics of high toughness, abrasion resistance, anti-yellowing, and can isolate the car paint surface from the air after installation, anti-acid rain, anti-oxidation, anti-scratch and so on. So why the yellowing-resistant film has turned yellow now? This is related to the material of the film. PPF that appeared earlier is made of PVC, which is polyvinyl chloride. It is cheap, impact-resistant, and harder, but its disadvantage is that it is prone to yellowing. Therefore, the apperance of yellowing  may be caused by the poor quality.

Now the better PPF is generally made of TPU material. Relatively speaking, the price of TPU material will be higher. But its "business ability" is good,and its various capabilities are up to a new level. At the same time, it can be recycled, it is an environmentally friendly material, and its anti-yellowing performance is much better. For example, KPAL's K series products have these effects. Since you put a paint protective film on your car, you hope that your car's appearance will be online and not easily damaged.

KPAL paint protection film adopts natural rubber polymer TPU casting process, and develops different weather-resistant coatings according to the climate and environment of various countries. It has tough impact resistance, anti-puncture and anti-scratch performance; stable scratch repair performance, strong Water repellency, excellent corrosion resistance, stain resistance, high temperature resistance, and good anti-yellowing effect.

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