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How To Install Paint Protection Film?


As the car paint surface, ppf is the last line of defense against scratches and corrosion. The effect is obviously better than waxing, plating, and other paint surface care products. The car owners are keen on the protective ability of invisible car jackets, but there are not many who are really knowledgeable. They drive the car to the store and leave after choosing the invisible car jacket. vehicle.

What are the procedures to install ppf on cars? Why is it two or even three days? Let’s take a look at the detailed process of installing it.


1. Construction preparation

Prepare the tools needed for filming: various special scrapers, installation fluids, car wipes, clean water, special spray cans, and utility knives; check the sanitary environment of the construction site, perform dust reduction treatment in the workshop, and start construction after completion.


2. Car wash cleaning

Wash the car before putting on the ppf, especially the edges and corners of the painted surface. Make sure that there is no oil stain on the painted surface, so as not to affect the construction effect.


3. Check the vehicle

Check whether there are scratches on the paint surface of the car to be filmed, whether the car paint is in good condition, and whether there are any parts that are not suitable for construction. Take pictures and video records and confirm with the customer to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.


4. Film cutting

There are two methods for cutting invisible car clothing according to different positions on the body. One is machine cutting. The film cutting machine has a car version. After inputting the data, the film can be directly applied without disassembling the car paint decoration. Don't worry about scratching the paint surface;

The other is hand-cut film, the paint finish needs to be completely disassembled, it is easy to scratch the paint surface when cutting the film, and the hand-cut film needs to confirm the ability of the film master.


5. Film

The installation liquid is evenly poured on the invisible car clothing glue layer and paint surface, and the car clothing is attached to the paint surface according to the cut position. Use a scraper to drive water from the centerline position to both sides. Confirm that there is no problem with the scraped area during the water drive. After the water is driven off, use a towel to dry the excess water on the surface of the invisible car, and check whether the installation is qualified, otherwise it needs to be reposted.


6. Take the edge and wrap the corner

Put the reserved invisible car jacket into the side seam, and use a baking gun to heat and bake to make the ppf neat and tidy.


7. Completion inspection

Comprehensively check the construction situation, and finish the work after cleaning the membrane surface.

One week after the completion of the construction, you should avoid car washing and rain, and return to the store for re-inspection within ten days. If there is any phenomenon such as warping, air bubbles, etc., it should be dealt with in time.

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