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How to maintain the paint protection film properly?


No matter how good things are, they need long-term maintenance to keep them in good condition. Even if you don't care for the paint film, it can still play the role mentioned in the promotion. Maintenance is to keep a good state, so that the paint protective film can always exert the maximum effect.

What are the precautions for  maintenance?

When parking, please wash the car in time if any of the following substances will intensify damage to the car membrane under the sun.

1. Do not park the car for a long time under the tree, otherwise there will be a lot of bird droppings and shellac glued to the membrane surface;

2. Do not park the car for a long time at the drip of the air conditioning outlet. Corrosive air conditioning water will damage the membrane structure;

3. Do not park the car for a long time under the exhaust fan of the hood, otherwise a large amount of oil will accumulate on the membrane surface;

4. Do not park the car for a long time in the rain, the acidic substances in the rain will erode the membrane surface;

In addition, if the vehicle with the lacquer protective film is used as a wedding car, do not stick the suction cup directly to the film surface; the wedding car ribbon and the firecracker fireworks are easy to cause the film surface to be dyed, and it needs to be cleaned and cured within 12 hours to prevent penetration dyeing.

Body cleaning precautions:

1. Avoid washing the car within one week after filming to ensure the best bonding force between the glue and the paint surface;

2. Use a non-abrasive, non-strong solvent and non-strong acid and strong alkaline cleaner;

3. Avoid washing the edge of the film with a high-pressure water gun when washing the car;

4. After cleaning, rinse with water and dry with a clean, soft cloth or rubber scraper;

5. It is recommended to perform a waxing routine treatment on the membrane surface every two months;

6. It is not recommended to polish on the film surface;

7. Avoid rubbing the film with hard objects and scrubbing the surface of the film with force. Traces of scratching and abrasion will affect the overall effect of the film.