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Can You Polish A Car With PPF?


Automatic scratch repair is the basic quality of PPF, but this function will decline. Generally, after 2 to 3 years, the effect will become smaller and smaller. Aftera fewyears,the car has scratches and cannot be repaired automatically. Can it be polished? The answer is: yes!

1. Why polish?

The function of polishing is to grind a layer off the surface of the material, so as to achieve the purpose of brightening and removing marks. Normally, when the surface of the car has oxidation, yellowing, scratches, etc., it is basically refurbished after throwing it away. Therefore, when the scratch self-healing function ofPPF has gradually lost its effect, it means that the coating has aged, and polishing is more appropriate at this time.

2. Is there any effect on car garment polishing?

Whether it isPPF or car paint, polishing will destroy the surface layer and make them thinner, because the essence of polishing is to grind away the surface layer. Therefore, the polishing of the jersey will damage the surface coating and make it lose part of its functions; therefore, it is not recommended to polish the PPF that has just been pasted for a few years.

3. The difference with car paint polishing

BothPPF polishing and car paint polishing will be thinner, buttheformer has no effect on the car paint, which can protect the original thickness of the original paint; car paint polishing cannot be done endlessly, and a car is allowed at most in its lifetime It has been polished about 7 times, and theppf is relatively thicker than the car paint, and it can even be polished more than ten times.

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