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How to solve the problem of PET vinyl wrap film left glue?


PET vinyl wrap film refers to the color changing film using PET backing paper (PET release film). Compared with PVC colorful car wrap with ordinary paper backing, the film surface of PET color ppf is smoother, brighter, and has no orange peel. However, according to industry professionals, there is a common problem with current PET-based color paint protection film, which is that offset marks are easily left during construction.

Why is using PET based colorful car wrap easier to leave adhesive glue during construction? This article KPAL will take you to explore together.

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Why PET color ppf film retains glue

1. Glue Quality Problem: It may be that the initial adhesive force of the glue is too high and there is insufficient lubrication during the construction process; it may also be that too much glue is applied when applying the glue, causing the glue to fall off easily.

2. Construction Technical Issues: If the color change film is not flat or airtight when it is first installed, the film applicator will pull up the car film again and apply it again. When you pull it up, the glue and the car surface will be stringy or fluffy, and scraping it flat again may cause the glue to shift and accumulate, forming bumps.

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The solution to leaving adhesive glue on PET Color vinyl wrap

1. During the process of baking with the baking gun, it is recommended to stay for about 3 seconds after baking and do not stick it immediately (the reason is that the glue melts easily after heating, and cooling reduces the melting of the glue).

2. Use shower gel and water to form a defoaming agent, and then spray it on the location where offset printing is heavy (on the car, not on the film). The foam agent and glue are easier to lubricate, reducing offset printing.

3. If you find that there is still offset printing when scraping, you can also spray a little defoaming agent on the wrapping cloth/felt of the scraper.

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