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How to use TPU PPF to resist car paint sun stripes?


Do you remember the first time you met your beloved car? Exquisite paint finish, smooth and flat, shining brightly, instantly captivating, and achieving the pinnacle of beauty upon debut. But as the car is driven for a long time and has traveled tens of thousands of kilometers, after experiencing wind and frost, various damages to the paint surface are inevitable, including sun stripes and glare stripes. Why does the car paint appear textured? How can we effectively solve it? Today KPALFILM will give you a science popularization!

What are the sun stripes?

There are many specious things in this world, such as the word "sun streaks". People who have never heard of it take it for granted that it is a problem caused by the sun on the car, but this is actually an injustice to the sun.

Sunbursts are also called spiral streaks. They are small fine lines that are shaped like spider webs. They are mainly caused by incorrect car washing methods. They will be very obvious under certain lights, especially under direct sunlight. This is called sunburst. The reason for "sun pattern".

car paint sun stripes

How to handle it correctly?

Routine treatment method: Car wash sagging

For sun wrinkles, a common solution is to wash the car. Cooperate with the correct washing sequence to let the large particles of sediment slide off, and finally peel off the dirt from the paint surface as much as possible, or scrub it repeatedly with professional car washing liquid. After the car body is dried, the occurrence of sun marks will be greatly reduced!

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The Ultimate Trick: PPF Paint Protection Film

In the final analysis, the above-mentioned coping methods are actually remedial measures after the incident. Although certain effects can indeed be seen in the short term, the original lines will reappear over time, treating the symptoms rather than the root cause.

If you want to fundamentally solve the problems such as sun stripes and glarestripes, it is best to put self healing PPF on your car to protect it and truly prevent it before it happens!

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KPAL ppf car wrap carefully selects high-quality base materials, strictly controls quality, and is committed to creating a satisfactory and secure product experience for customers. The K SERIESP SERIES and PLUS SERIES all have excellent product performance and very stable quality.

It can not only isolate the precious original car paint from the external environment, reject the dirt and corrosion that the car owner does not want, and eliminate the worries of sun stripes and glare marks; it can also fundamentally solve the car owner's previous concerns, allowing the car paint to be protected. 

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