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The trend of color film: TPU will gradually replace PVC


The flawless high gloss finish will make the owner feel proud of his car. Most car brands offer PPF as an option on new cars. The aftermarket also offers many surface protection solutions, from thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) films to ceramic coatings.




At present, there are TPU material color change clothes on the market, it has both the cool color of thePVC film and the super performance of TPU clothes, really achieve 1+1>2. However, at present, TPU color film market is not much, mainly because the TPU price is too high. at the same time, TPU car film is mainly transparent, manufacturing color business less.



PPF color paint protective film made of TPU material, different from the traditional PVC color film, this car clothing products with both color and car paint protection two functions, at the same time has an incomparable PVC color film service life, its self-healing function is far less than PVC color film.



The appearance of color paint protective film will not only pursue the protection of the body but also bring great satisfaction toa car owner to care for the car to provide more than one choice.