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Does vinyl wrap PPF?


Many people think that PPF is just a transparent version of the wrap vinyl  film. In fact, they are completely different products. In short, the PPF can protect the paint and automatically repair the scratches. It is very convenient without changing the driving license. The wrap vinyl film is rich in colors and looks very beautiful. Both have advantages that the other party does not have. So it is difficult for us to choose. Today, I will compare and analyze them to help you understand the difference between the two.

1. Price

PPF: $ 400-1500;

Wrap vinyl film:$ 100-500.

The reason for the big price difference is that the material is different.

The wrap vinyl film pursues bright colors, and its material is mostly PVC, and the best film is more than 10,000 dollars; while the PPF seek for high transparency, and its materials are PVC and TPU, so the upper limit of the price is relatively high.

2. Aesthetic impression

PPF does not change the color of the car paint, it is highly transparent, and has two effects of light and matte, which makes the car's temperament more outstanding; the wrap vinyl film covers the original car paint color, the variety is very rich, and one brand can have dozens of colors to highlight a unique and show extraordinary personality.

3. Protection effect

PPF is scratch-resistant . Among them, the TPU material has an excellent effect on protecting the paint, and it can automatically repair the surface of small scratches; the wrap vinyl film can also prevent scratches, but is not as good as the former, and there is no scratch repair function.