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KPAL Car Window Film

DATUM: 2022/06/16

1.Dyed Film

Commonly known as "tea paper",which has glare control and certain heat insulation function. Mainly through the absorption of solar energy and then released to the outside to play the role of insulation,such as KPAL KB series tint.


2.Primary Color Film

It is a kind of safety device, also known as explosion-proof film or rupture disc. When the pressure inside the container exceeds a certain limit, the film will be broken first, thus reducing the pressure inside the container and avoiding the explosion. For example, KPAL brand KP-10 primary color film is made of high strength, high transparent PET polyester and pigment melt extrusion biaxially stretched, because the pigment is sandwiched inside the PET film, it can prevent oxidation and discoloration, and its life is up to 8 years.


3.Nano Ceramic Heat Insulating Film

KPAL nano ceramic film is spectrally selective, which can selectively transmit visible light while filtering ultraviolet and infrared rays that are harmful to human body, so it is imaginatively compared to a "sieve". This is why it is imaginatively compared to a "sieve". For example, HIRK15, HIR1090, HIR7090 series of multi-layer nano ceramic thermal insulation coating, high UV blocking, high clarity, low glare, no fading, no oxidation, no interference with cell phone GPS signal, ultra-long warranty, good explosion-proof performance, truly high thermal insulation.


4.Magnetron Sputtering Metal Film

Also known as pure metal film. Through the magnetron sputtering process, the metal layer or ceramic particles are evenly distributed to reflect infrared rays, thus achieving heat insulation. The metal used is usually copper, stainless steel, nickel-chromium alloy, etc. The color of the film is completely determined by the metal composition, and KAPL brand film has higher visible light penetration and heat insulation rate, stable metal composition, never fade, and excellent clarity.


5.UV400 full UV Protection Skin Care Film

UV400 is a window film with 100% protection against external rays, consisting of transparent film protection layer, pressure sensitive adhesive layer, UV absorbing adhesive layer, and wear resistant coating layer, for high quality, safety, health, and environmental protection. For example, KPAL UV400-8010 UV blocking rate reaches an amazing 100%, which can fully meet the daily needs of car owners in blocking UV rays. In addition, its visible light transmission rate of 72%, not only fully meet the requirements of the Ministry of Public Security, and only 9% reflective rate, so when driving against the sun, will never produce colorful glare and affect driving.