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Autumn travel, be careful leaves quietly damaged your car!

DATUM: 2022/11/01

The hot summer is over, the cold autumn has come.between day and night, cool quietly in. The trees lined both sides of the road glistened with gold, and the rustling autumn colors spread out. But beneath the beauty lies a sinister plot. The dead leaves that stain the streets say "the most fascinating and the most dangerous".



When leaves fall off the branches, they quickly deteriorate and rot, secreting corrosive liquids. If the car is parked under a tree for a long time, the fallen leaves that are not cleaned up in time will erode the paint and make it yellow and brittle. Mixed with autumn dew, corroding the paint and doing double damage.


KPAL ppf car film, quick repair scratches; Protection against insect and chemical erosion; Prevent scratches of physical properties; Prevent liquid splashing; Effectively improve the brightness of the car body.


With the protection of KPAL'sinvisible paint protection film, against the dark waves in the autumn and the damage to the car's paint, the inner peace of course will be safe when driving, and there will be no worries about traveling.