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Color TPU film vs PVC film

DATUM: 2022/10/26

Many people think that the change of vehicle can only be achieved by spray paint. in fact, the mainstream way of car color change is still paste color film.And color film’s gloss, performance and operation are far better than spray paint! At present, there are two mainstream vehicle film scheme: one is PVC color film, the other is color TPU clothing.Although they can both change the color of the car, there is still a big verskil.



Difference one: material

At present, the mainstream of color car clothes are TPU material, and the basic color film is PVC material. Only from the material, TPU exceeds PVC too much.


Difference two: function

It is because of the TPU material, color TPU film has scratch resistance, repair, corrosion resistance, yellowing resistance, oxidation resistance and many other functions; And these points are PVC material color film does not have.

Difference three: craft

Color TPU film and PVC film, as far as the manufacturing process is concerned, are not of the same magnitude at all. Color TPU film, substrate, glue are very particular, more stringent requirements for manufacturing process; The PVC color film only focuses on the adhesive layer, color and other aspects.


Difference four: construction

From the construction difficulty and technology, the Color TPU film is more difficult than the PVC film, the technology is more complex.


Difference five: quality assurance

The warranty of the Color TPU film, currently generally more than five years, ten years of warranty is not uncommon; the PVC film is usually guaranteed for two to five years.