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How to deal with the case of transparent PPF film left glue print?

DATUM: 2022/11/16

The removal of invisible clothing will always leave an offset, which is always troubling the owners of cars - although know the reasons for the offset, but it seems that how to deal with the situation of glue for them more urgent.


Tear film technique

This situation just need to spray the remover on the towel wipe can be effectively removed. Here to technician friends to share a tip: when tear the film, ensure that the film and car paint Angle < 45°, if it is necessary, you can pour some hot water to help soften the adhesive layer, so the film will be more smooth and not easy to leave glue on the car paint.



Construction methods

If the wrong solvent is used when installing, or the paint surface is not cleaned before pasting caused by the glue - if only for local slight glue, the treatment method is the same as above. If there is a large area of glue retention, the treatment method is detailed below.


Swak gom veroorsaak

Special glue for cars film has the advantages of low initial viscosity, no marks in construction adjustment, and after the film is completely dried, it will maintain moderate viscosity, so that the car paint and car clothes can be closely fitted. Therefore, the coating factory should choose the high-quality glue that has been verified by the market and developed for TPU cars film to reduce or avoid the possibility of film tearing and glue retention.


Improper ratio of glue

The practice found that: in the offset printing area water hot water to soften the residual glue, and then spray solar filmadhesive removing agent or tar cleaning agent, and smearing flour wearing gloves carefully and slowly rub off, is a more reliable way to remove, when the residual glue removal is completed and then polishing reduction treatment can be. At present, there are special glue remover for lacquer mask on the market, but according to the actual operation, it is found that the effect of the glue remover with mild formula is poor, and the corrosive effect is too strong, which may cause damage to the original paint.