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KPAL FILM Liqası Tikinti Fəaliyyətləri

TARİX: 2022-06-24

On June 18, 2022,KPAL FILM successfully conducted the 2022 summer group building activity. The theme of this activity is: Cool Summer, Plum Quenching Thirst. The company aims to let employees experience the fun of garden life, build team consciousness and enhance team cohesion through this seasonal fruit picking activity.



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Everyone picked a basket full of plums, the harvest was full

During the activity, everyox was in high spirits and close to nature. The plum picking allowed the employees to experience ecology and enhance their physical fitness at the same time. During the process, the employees helped each other and encouraged each other, which enhanced the tacit understanding and friendship between each other. It created an opportunity and space for employees to relieve stress after a busy day's work, deepened mutual understanding, enhanced feelings and team cohesion, and encouraged employees to maintain full enthusiasm and the best working condition.Group building has always been an important way for enterprises to train their teams. Rich and diverse group building activities can not only build a bridge for team members to communicate and enhance team cohesion, but also cultivate a sense of teamwork and improve work efficiency.