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KPAL New Arrival-Skylight Film

TARİX: 2022-06-17

Skylight film is a TPU PPF& istilik izolyasiya filmi derived from the product, with UV-blocking, heat insulation, scratch repair and other functions, for the car outside the functional protection film. Its function is 99% UV blocking, 90% infrared blocking, and can also cushion the role of external forces on the sunroof.


Understanding its function, then we also to understand its structural composition. 

As PPF, KPAL skylight film has PET protective layer, functional coating, TPU base layer, adhesive layer and release layer. The skylight film have a heat insulation layer which PPF do not have. Because the current technology can not fuse heat insulation material into the TPU , heat insulation layer is generally between TPU base and functional coating, or between the TPU base and the adhesive layer, or can be directly into the glue. As a professional PPF brand, KPAL takes the high quality boya qoruyucu film as the base and then adds the heat insulation layer to achieve the purpose of heat insulation.


Can the skylight film be applied to other glass parts instead of heat insulation film? 

The answer is no, the nature of the skylight film is invisible car coat, if you stick it on the front, the wiper will not be able to scrape the film, and the window glass has the problem that the window does not fall smoothly, and may even burn the motor.


What should we pay attention to when we stick the skylight film? 

The most important thing is to choose excellent quality skylight film. Whenever a product is hot, there must be manufacturers will imitate. If the choice of materials for insulation is wrong, there will be the phenomenon of fried glass, and there are already car enthusiasts encountered such a problem. In addition, poor quality TPU will also appear yellowing, and the rubber layer which quality is not good will also appear to fall off the rubber.KPAL is committed to excellence, adhering to the heart of the artisan polished products.Skylight film sale worldwide, worth a try!