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KPAL Paint Qoruyucu Film Kəsmə Proqramı

TARİX: 2021-11-29

KPAL FILM precutsoftware has a professional software development and operation team. It has established a sufficiently complete model database to deal with the data processing and operation of various new models at any time for the shortcomings of common film cutting software on the market, such as small database, model mismatch, and difficulty in hemming.


On the basis of ensuring rapid cutting and simple construction, KPAL FILM software strives to be comprehensive, fast, accurate, flexible and low-cost:

1.Complete database

One of the most comprehensive boya qoruyucu film pattern databases, covering a series of data models for paint, interior decoration, headlights, motorcycles, electronic products, etc., suitable for almost all imaginable brands and models.


2.Exquisite cutting mode

The natural state of the film on the vehicle is maximized, unnecessary stretching and distortion are avoided, and the influence of the body curvature is controlled to ensure perfect alignment with the body sheet metal.


3.Extreme quick response and update speed

Fast feedback on customer needs, the software engineering team will complete the update and feedback within 48 hours after receiving the 3D scan files of the new car under the premise of ensuring the development of new graphics data for the new car. Make "China Speed" to the extreme.


4.Flexible editability

To meet the different needs of customers, to support users to edit data safely and quickly, and adjust the hemming. At the same time, the layout of the whole vehicle is preprocessed, and the hemming reminder is set. Different needs can be completed without complicated operations. Operation video address.


5.Good cost control

The exquisite film layout can make full use of every inch of film material, reduce the cost of cutting, and save at least 2 meters per car compared to manual cutting.

To improve the construction, each vehicle can save at least 2 hours of construction time.


6.48-Hour Free Trail

48-Proficiency in using KPAL FILM software can bring you a better return on investment. In order to give back to our partners and let them better understand our software, we provide you with a free trial version.

KPAL FILM precut software adheres to China's business philosophy to complete a film cutting system close to the world. Please contact us for more information.

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