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Yeni Rəng PPF [1] —— KPAL TPU Sahara Sarı

TARİX: 2022-12-05

KPAL rəngli TPU avtomobil boya qoruyucu film bright listed! In this edition of the NEWS, KPAL will bring you a super suitable color for autumn and winter - KPAL Sahara yellow. I hope that in the cold winter, a strong milk tea color can bring you warmth.



This color is the natural color of the Sahara Desert, shiny and transparent. It is installed to the overall effect of the car body elegant natural freehand, smart and free and easy——when a BMW pulls up to you in Sahara yellow, you will be attracted by its elegant and powerful appearance.




The wild yellow, which contains mysterious and romantic wild essence, perfectly interprets the extreme contradiction and perfect unity of Sahara, which is gentle and rough, delicate and free and easy. It makes people feel like they can start a retro trip anytime and anywhere!




At the same time, the new KPAL TPU Sahara Yellow is more vivid and full than the general PVC color film, and the light sense is stronger and brighter - and has all the performance of clear car film : automatic scratch repair/paint anti-aging/super anti-pollution effect, is one of the best choices to achieve your color changing and protection of car paint needs!