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Yeni avtomobillər üçün qoruyucu plyonka taxmaq lazımdırmı?

TARİX: 2022-05-25

To put it simply, in the field of car paint maintenance, it is undoubtedly very important to do a good job in the maintenance of car paint when new cars. Once a new car is scratched, the value of the car is greatly reduced. Applying a painted protective film to a new car can greatly avoid this loss and bring you more convenience.

First, Car film can enhance the privacy of the car

Car film has a good one-way perspective function, through multiple physical reflections on the surface of the film to form a certain proportion of external reflectivity,When looking inside the car from the outside, it will produce visual reflections, so that the situation inside cannot be seen clearly, and thus improve a lot of privacy.

Second,Car film can increase the safety performance of the car

If the car collides, causing the window glass to be broken, it will inevitably aggravate the injury to the people in the car. The protective film attached to the window will make the glass still adhere to the protective film in the case of fragmentation, so as to avoid more serious casualties caused by glass shard sputtering.

Third, Car film can effectively protect the original car paint

Thecar protective film can effectively prevent small stones when driving at high speeds and maliciously scratching paint with keys, as well as accidental slight rubbing, not only that, it can also resist oxidation blocking ultraviolet rays, acid rain, animal feces and other erosion. Effectively prevent minor abrasions caused by the car wash process, and automatically repair minor scratches.

How should the new car choose a protective film?This can be decided according to your specific needs, and different membranes also have corresponding protective capabilities. For example, in the hot summer weather, if you want to reduce the impact of glare and improve driving safety, you can choose a car window film with high heat insulation and high light transmittance. To protect your car from scratches and collisions for long periods of time, you can opt for a painted protective film. We have a wide range of membranes for you to choose from. For example: window films with different transmittances, paint protective films (both on matte and bright surfaces) and light films (we have three colors of soot and purple), if you want to change the color of your car, we also have various colors of color change films.you can contact us if you need.