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BMW unveils World's first 'color-changing car', Is it outdated to install PPF on cars?

TARİX: 2022-12-27

At CES 2022, BMW unveiled an eye-popping car,——the BMW iX Flow,  It has a cool look that only a GIF can show off perfectly.



How did it achieve such a cool color change?




'E-ink' technology - The BMW iX Flow concept car is covered with a carefully arranged transparent coating of monochrome E Ink paper. Fluid color changes are made possible by a specially developed body inclusion that is precisely tailored to the silhouette of BMW's all-electric sport utility vehicle.

When stimulated by electrical signals, electrophoretic technology brings different colors of paint to the surface. Within seconds, the exterior of the car changes colors.


l Keeping the car at peak appearance is the biggest problem with the scheme

In the real life scene, scratches, rubble flying damage is inevitable, acid rain, dead leaves, insect corpse bird dung, UV corrosion oxidation can not avoid.At the same time, the cost of this high-tech finish coating and later maintenance cost is too high, for the owner, the applicability of life scene is not strong!

However, for the protection of the original car paint,clear boya qoruyucu film is a better solution at present.

clear paint protective film - the protection of the original car paint is the first choice

透明PPF成品图 (3)


PPF paste a layer of protective film and wear a layer of protective clothing to protect the car paint, and play a role in brightening, anti-fouling and improving the appearance of the car.


透明PPF成品图 (2) 

A high-quality transparent car paint protective film, not only can fully block all kinds of scratches, through heating can realize automatic repair scratches, more durable over the years, physical coverage of the car paint surface, isolation of ultraviolet light, even after many years of paint is still enduring -after plastering invisible car coat paint overall brightness increase by 30%.