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Aşağı pvc rəngli filmdən necə qorunmaq olar?

TARİX: 2022-11-29

Holding to make the car more colorful state of mind pasted the color film, but in a very short time encountered the problem of peeling and fading. What you didn't realize is the more serious problem,that damaged and peeling paint on the original car is looming. The following tips can teach you to quickly judge the quality of the car vinyl wrap film.




Yüksək keyfiyyətpvccolor film is full and uniform color, poor quality is the opposite, and the sense of grain is strong.


Əl hissi

The thickness and toughness of the base paper is directly proportional to the quality of the color changing film. The film surface of the high-quality color changing film is delicate and smooth, the thickness is moderate, the edge is neat and without shrinkage, and it is not easy to appear creases; And inferior film is very obvious rough feeling, low toughness, crease is not easy to recover.


If you smell the pungent smell that is inferior film, quality color film is often the global environmental protection standard, smell light and not pungent.


Back adhesive

The adhesive of high quality color changing film is subjected to repeated exposure after the adhesive strength is guaranteed, and the adhesive of poor quality color changing film is often torn off after sticking for half a year. The glue that is very difficult to deal with will stay on the car paint, and even before it is torn off, it has been with the wind and sun, cracked delamination degumming and so on.


Good color film toughness, tensile is not easy to discolor, not easy to break, can play a perfect construction effect. Poor quality color film is often poor toughness, easy to fracture and discoloration in the process of stretching.