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How to heal paint protection film?

TARİX: 2023-04-25

Driving in the traffic every day, there are too many unknown situations, you never know what will happen in the next second, for the vehicle itself, the risk is also the greatest due to the exposed paint surface. At this time, we have to consider putting an invisible car coat on the vehicle. It can not only resist every slight scratch, but also has an automatic repair function for our long-term use.


What is its automatic repair function? Under those circumstances, it can achieve self-repair. How long is the self-repair period? Today, I will give a detailed answer to satisfy everyone's doubts about this function.



Before that, let's understand the invisible car cover. It is a film that is installed and attached to the paint surface of the car body to protect the paint surface of the car body. The reason why he can repair himself is determined by the structure of the most superficial layers. The molecular structure of the most surface coating is very tightly arranged, and the molecular density is also high, which forms what we often call high density of the coating. Therefore, when the invisible car cover has scratches, due to the high density of the coating, the marks will not be too deep, but the molecular arrangement of the coating will be changed, and the coating will not be scratched. At this time, it only needs to be exposed to sunlight (or heating, etc.), the molecular structure of the invisible car coating rearranges, and the scratches will slowly disappear.


However, there are two types of automatic repairs, one is "hot repair" and the other is "second repair". Although they are all repairing scratches, there is still a big difference between the word difference.


What is hotfix?

"Hot repair", as the name suggests, means that scratches need to be restored at a certain temperature, and currently only TPU car covers have this ability.


What is instant repair?

"Second repair" means that the "injured car cover" can be quickly and automatically repaired at room temperature. Many early PVC or PU car covers have the function of "second repair".


Different from the molecular structure of the coating

"Heat repair" is an evolution of instant repair. From the molecular structure of the coating, the molecules of the heat repair coating are "heavier and more closely arranged", and the repair effect is better.


"Second Repair" The molecular distance is relatively large, and scratches have little effect on it. Once the external force is removed, the molecular structure returns to its original shape, and the effect of instant repair is produced.


Different from the condition of the same external force

"Heat repair" When the car cover is scratched by external force, due to the tight molecular structure of the TPU material, good elasticity, and high elongation rate, even if scratches occur, they will not be very deep, because the damaged molecular structure will automatically recover , to achieve the purpose of repairing scratches.


"Second Repair" When the car cover is scratched by an external force, the molecules in the car cover are dispersed due to extrusion, so they are not scratched. When the external force leaves, the molecular structure returns to its original position.


In short, as far as the current technology is concerned, the scratch self-repair function of the invisible car cover is not as fast as possible. Whether it is thermal repair or instant repair,there is a limit, that is, the car cover or surface coating is not damaged.And the automatic repair function can work for slight scratches on objects such as branches or keys. But if the scratches are serious and the surface coating is damaged, it will lose its ability to automatically repair. If the coating is scratched but not the cover, the paint will still be protected.