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How to install paint protection film yourself?

TARİX: 2023-01-30

In this text, KPAL'll show you the process of ƏMF installnation,which is a very longand complex procedure and will differ on every car as every panel is different. 

Remove the Badge


The reason for removing the Badge is so you can delete the emblem out of the software and you can wrap the film behind it,and you won’t have a cut out line going around it——just leave a clean finish!


Alchhol Wipe

Use alcohol to clean the body completely,and don't let go of the gaps, this is to prevent any clay residue.

Program clip



After the cleaning is finished,we can start toedit the pattern with the cutting film program,and then edit the accessories.You can leave the parts you need in the program and delete the parts you don't need to install.And then cut the stealth ppf off on the plotter——at the same time,it must be ensured that the membrane is absolutely clean.

Tətbiq etmək necə

Spray much gel on the glue layer to ensure that the PPF will not stick tightly to the car paint immediately.

pre cut ppf


Next lay the film on the part of you want to start, and make sure the edges of the film line up with the car body gap.

Use a scraper to squeeze the gel down from the middle to the edge——this is to ensure that it can be firmly attached to the car body to effectively protect the car paint.

If there is a deviation in the position, you can gently peel the film back, and continue to spray gel on the glue layer to re-install.


Check your car multiple times after wrapping the corners- did dirt get in / did you miss a part / did you put the badge back on?


After completing the above steps, you can get a brand new car again!Hopefully,this text will help some installers out there!If you have any questions,you can Bura basınto leave an inquiry to KPAL!