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ppf buna dəyərmi?

TARİX: 2023-05-30

It is more worthwhile to attach pff to new cars, especially for more expensive cars. 

Applying car boya qoruyucu filmcan effectively improve the value retention rate of the car and protect the original paint. Compared with other car beauty items, such as the price and warranty period of crystal coating and coating, it is still a worthwhile choice to stick car ppf.




Tətbiqi avtomobil boyası qoruyucu film can effectively improve the brightness of the car paint surface. The ppf coat can improve the gloss and brightness of the car paint, making the car surface more full and shiny.


Tətbiqi ppf film can prevent the car paint from being scratched. The invisible car film can effectively protect the car paint from scratches, wear and impact, and reduce the maintenance cost of the vehicle.If the primer is scratched, the invisible car cover will not be able to protect it.




Yapışdırmaq avtomobil ppf can reduce the number of daily cleaning. Installing car boya qoruyucu film can reduce the pollution of the vehicle during daily driving, thereby reducing the number of cleanings.


Installing a piece of clear car bra on your car can protect the paint from fading. The invisible car cover can protect the car paint of the vehicle for a long time, making it not easy to fade.


Many people think that it is not worth spending so much money on car ppf film, but the real small scratches on the road reflect the value of the car film. At least a few times a year, the car can be washed and waxed less times, and there is no need for crystal plating, polishing and polishing to remove embroidered spots. After all, crystal plating only improves the brightness of the paint surface and prevents the oxidation of the car paint. Usually, it is done once a year, and the cost is also high.


If your car is parked outdoors for a long time, or if it is driven on a road with poor road conditions, it is still necessary to post it. It is also worry-free and trouble-free for scratches and car washes.