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paint protection film yellowing

TARİX: 2023-03-21


Üçün şəffaf avtomobil büstqalteri, the problem of yellowing is like human aging. After a long time of use, it will age and turn yellow with the erosion of oxidation and ultraviolet rays. But the problem is that some boya qoruyucu film can last ten years without yellowing, while some ppf film turn yellow and become old after one or two years of use. 

What's the matter?

As far as the current market environment is concerned, the main difference is in the material. Those ppf örtük that are less than one or two years old are mostly made of PVC material. The raw material is cheap and the profit margin is relatively large. PVC material only relies on hardness to resist external damage to the original car. The damage to the paint does not have much effect on resisting yellowing, so the car protection film will turn yellow quickly.


The yellowing speed of the TPU car cover will be slightly slower, because it has a certain anti-yellowing performance, but it will still appear yellowing after about three years of use. Just like people, if you want to resist aging, you must take multiple measures. Generally, KPAL PLUS seriesppf wrap that can guarantee no yellowing for ten years use a layer of coating technology on the basis of TPU material, so that the car covers have a long-lasting anti-yellowing function.