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Şəffaf avtomobil boyası qoruyucu filmi qopardıqda niyə yapışqan izləri buraxırsınız?

TARİX: 2022-11-15

After removing the invisible car clothes, it was found that the vehicle paint has a layer of glue residue, some feel sticky, some have hardened without viscosity——such a situation happens, it means that your invisible car film left glue. So why does the invisible car coat leave glue?


Improper tear film technique

If tear the film, in the car paint part or corner slightly left glue, then this situation do not need to worry, basically due to the technicians’ tear film technique and Angle reasons, resulting in şəffaf avtomobil büstqalteri glue layer and paint friction slightly off the glue——this has nothing to do with the quality of the car.




Improper construction methods 

If the wrong solvent is used in the film, resulting in a chemical reaction between the solvent and the glue, it will also lead to local or overall glue retention. Or the paint before the film is not cleaned up, such as resin or air conditioning water and other types of residue and glue chemical reaction, will also cause leaving glue.

Poor glue caused

Əgərppf sarğı, the use of inferior glue, or not for the car coating directional research and development of special glue, the adhesive layer because of poor stability and weather resistance is easy to oxidize and deteriorate, the shape of the glue and adhesive strength is easy to develop with time——such as the rubber layer hardening, and the car paint together, and eventually lead to tear film glue, and even damage the car paint serious consequences.




Improper ratio of glue

If the glue used by the manufacturer is a brand and model verified by the market, but there is still a large area of glue, the reason is considered to be the improper ratio of glue in the coating factory.



When the adhesive force of the glue and the substrate is less than the adhesive force of the glue and the finish, it will also cause the large area of adhesive retention.