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Kenarları və küncləri sarın—— Bu, hədəfi qorumaq, həmişə sizi qorumaq kimidir

TARİX: 2022-11-23

It is said that football and cars are men's dreams. The winter of 2022 is destined to belong to football -- every perfect defense will draw countless excited hearts. For men also love the car, it is important to attach thecar paint protective film,but the edge of the corner on the car body appearance and future maintenance also has a very important impact.


Aspect of appearance

Light color car paint ifppf film did not do the edge package corner, for a long time, it will be easy to see there is a dirty line - there is no way to remove the stain, seriously affect the appearance of the car—— This is a big problem for perfectionists.




late maintenance aspects

If the edge is not covered, resulting in part of the car paint is not fully protected, it is easy to lift the edge film when cleaning the vehicle with a water gun. And daily cleaning vehicles with a towel to wipe the edge is easy to hook up.

Thus it may damage the car and clothes to a large extent and reduce the life of the car andşəffaf avtomobil büstqalteri.




So wrapping the edges and corners is not a display of technology, but a necessary choice and consideration. KPAL TPU invisible film has good wear resistance/ozone resistance/high strength/good elasticity, but also has good chemical resistance, can automatically repair the scratches left by the car in the process of driving - with the protection of the edges and corners will protect your car and your life like a goal guard.