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How to clean the paint protective film?

February 20,2023

When it comes to ppf/clear car bra, I believe many car owners will not be unfamiliar with its concept.

It is a new car paint protection product, which has brought convenience and protection to many car owners.


This film has the transparency of crystal, which can be perfectly integrated with the car. If you don't look closely, you can hardly see it——it can protect the car paint from damage in an invisible way.Transparent ppf will not affect the color of the car itself, not only that, but also help to make the car look more shiny and bright. Because the paint protective film covers the surface of the car body, although it protects the car paint from damage and has anti-pollution function, its anti-pollution function can't be aimed at itself——it will still get dirty.

So if the paint protection film is dirty, how to clean it? Choose the normal way to wash the car? Or do I need to pay extra attention to some issues?


Ⅰ.Cleaning cycle of ppf

1.Wash the car regularly, once a week, without too much frequency. Don't wash the car within one week after putting on the car film and the dirt can be wiped clean with a soft towel and clean water.

2.Corrosive dirt (oil, dyeing, bird droppings, etc.) should be cleaned within 24 hours as far as possible, leaving traces that are difficult to clean;

3.Half a year or a year to return to the film shop for a film maintenance. in fact, that is a thorough cleaning of the film surface, to remove stubborn stains accumulated over time.

Ⅱ.The paint protective film cleaning should pay attention to:

1.Avoiding the water gun directly scouring the edge, which can reduce the probability of edge warping;

2.Don't use unclean water for cleaning;

3.Don't use acid and alkali corrosive cleaner to clean the invisible car film.