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The difference between PVC, TPH and TPU materials of paint protective film

November 25,2022

●The Importance of Original Car Paint

1.All the accessories on the car can be replaced, except the original car paint.

2.Once the original car paint is damaged, it can't be repaired, which will affect the beauty and increase your car maintenance cost, resulting in a large depreciation of the car.

Every car owner wants to give his car better protection after owning a new car, which is why PPF are sought after by the majority of car owners.

●What is clear car film?

Clear car film is the abbreviation of transparent Paint Protective Film for automobile body. It is called this name because it is transparent and invisible when attached to the car. It was originally called paint protective film, or PPF for short.


●Differences between PVC, TPH and TPU materials of paint protective film


PVC, is what we often call plastic. After being processed into PPF material, the structure is still hard, and the appearance and adhesive layer are still have a problem. After a long time, it may cause troubles to the car, such as weak antioxidant capacity and no automatic repair when scratched. Therefore, its price is naturally very low, and the service life ranges from a few months to one or two years. The protective effect of car paint is not good, and it will even damage the car paint. It is not recommended that you choose PVC car film.


TPH, in simple terms, is PVC with plasticizer added. I have to admit that the PPF made of TPH are better than PVC, but their essence is PVC after all. If the car paint is not good enough, it will damage the car paint, and frequent after-sales problems will make you miserable .


TPU, a plastic polyurethane elastomer, has the characteristics of wear resistance, oil resistance, transparency, good elasticity, good toughness and thermal repair function, which makes it highly sought after. It is the best material for invisible car clothes. The invisible car clothes made of TPU are much more advanced than PVC and TPH, and have more powerful functions, such as anti-scuffing, anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation and other functions to protect car paint, and the yellow resistance is also better.


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