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The difference between manual film cutting and machine film cutting

December 02,2022

If you have a certain understanding of clear car bra, you should know that there are two kinds of "customized cutting" and "manual cutting" in the construction -- so what are the differences between traditional hand cutting and "customized" machine cutting?

●Construction risk

Manual cutting film needs to be cut on the surface of the car paint with a sharp knife. If you are not careful, you will scratch the paint and bring irreversible damage to the car. Even a very experienced laminator can't guarantee a 100 percent scratch-free hand cut.


The database has the original factory data of most models on the market, and every part of every car can achieve machine cutting film. When installing and pasting, there will be no cutting on the paint, which can avoid the danger of scratching the paint! The database is updated in real time and contains the latest model data.

●State of PPF

When cutting the film by hand, it takes many technicians to stretch the film so that the front and rear bumpers, rearview mirrors, sides and other large arc paint surface can be smooth and fit. Manual film 80% of the area needs to stretch, causing the car to thin, resist external impact and scratch ability to decline.Customized machine cutting can cut out the shape matching the body contour under the natural state of PPF. There is no need to stretch during construction, and the cut film can be directly and accurately covered.

●Force of protection

Hand-cut construction, in order to match the model, the film will inevitably be stretched, the coating will appear cracks and creases - showing a matte effect. When the coating is damaged by stretch, its defense ability against external dust, oil, acid rain and bird droppings plummets. External damage can easily enter the interior of the clear bra through the cracks of the coating and damage the substrate and finish.Customized software cutting construction, will not cause construction damage to the car and clothing, to maximize the preservation of the car and clothing protection performance and service life.

●Performance of use

In hand cutting construction, the transparent auto protective film is constantly stretched, which leads to the joint stretch of the glue layer in contact with the paint surface. The unit area contact between the glue layer and the paint surface becomes less, the density decreases, the viscosity decreases, and it is easy to appear warping and even fall off in use.


Intelligent reserved edge design, taking into account each radian of the body, as well as the shape of the edge, can make appropriate reserved cutting, to achieve no trace edge, invisible protection.