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What does the window film do?

December 16,2022

heat insulation 

One of the most important functions of the car film is the heat insulation effect. It can reduce the temperature in the car by blocking the infrared ray, and improve the riding comfort and reduce the use rate of the air conditioner.



Ultraviolet protection

Ultraviolet light will cause discoloration of vehicle interior and skin injury of passengers, and the car film can also effectively isolate ultraviolet light, providing a good and healthy riding space for the vehicle.


The one-way perspective of the car film provides more private space protection for passengers.


Reduce glare


 Glare outside the vehicle will cause visual blur, visual fatigue, distraction and other problems, which will directly affect driving safety. The car film will reduce some glare, and will not affect the transmission of normal light, nor affect the vision of night driving, to improve driving safety.