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Whether the paint protective film is necessary or not

April 24,2022

First, we must know what is the paint protective film?

Here unified for the majority of riders to popularize it. Paint protective film, referred to as PPF, there are also many people called invisible car clothing, professionally called automotive paint protective film.

Second, why should I apply the paint surface protective film?

Car paint is like human skin, our skin will age with time, the sooner the protection can maintain its better state and delay aging. The same is true for car paint, the earlier the paint surface protective film is applied, it is equivalent to sealing the car paint at the best time, avoiding the damage caused to the paint surface such as scratching and corrosion. And Editor also mentioned before that once the paint surface is damaged, the paint repair is far from meeting the level and requirements of the original paint, and even there will be obvious color differences.

If there is a scratch, the more or less color difference of the paint will eventually lead to a lot of reduction in the value of the vehicle, and even will be misunderstood as an accident car, and the different states of the paint surface actually determine the overall valuation of the vehicle. The reason why it is necessary to say that the paint protective film is necessary to paste is because of the non-reproducible of the original paint, protect the original car paint, improve the appearance of the car, is to preserve the value of their car! We must not only choose high-quality paint protection film, but also choose a world-class paint protection film manufacturer.

The principle of automotive paint protection film is to wrap a layer of "plastic wrap"

on the paint surface of the whole vehicle, so as to prevent corrosion in the atmospheric environment and the contact material that can cause scratches to the paint surface to cause damage to the paint surface, and to protect the original car paint to the greatest extent.

The car clothing not only helps your car resist scratches caused by flying sand and stones on the road, but also prevents damage to your paint when it is rubbed. Beyond that, the most important thing is the unknown mucus that sometimes falls in the shade, there is also bird droppings of unknown origin, do you want to get close and wipe it with a rag? After attaching the car film, these are just flushing things. There are no stains that a bucket of water can't solve, and if there is, pour another bucket.