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Per què el cotxe PPF es groguenc (2)?

DATA: 2022-12 16

Cotxe PPF grocING, es refereix a la pel·lícula PPF transparent exposada a la llum natural, l'ultraviolat, la calor, l'oxigen, l'erosió química, l'aigua, etc., el medi ambient, així com el procés de producció inadequat causat pel fenomen del color groc del cotxe.

La segona possibilitat de color groguenc transparent de PPF: cola

The glue ofPPFhas strong exclusivity, and the glue specially developed for automobile paint and TPU substrate needs to be used. The color of glue shall be transparent, with stable weather resistance, and not easy to react with automobile paint and TPU substrate. Non directional development glue can never be used as automobile protective film. When it reacts with car paint and TPU substrate, it is very easy to cause TPU yellowing. If it has penetrated into TPU substrate, irreversible results will occur.


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Menor possibilitat de groguenc: recobriment

TPU coating refers to a layer of transparent material applied on the surface of TPU substrate to enhance the performance ofsostenidor de cotxe transparent, so that the automobile protective film can effectively cope with the complex climate and environment in nature. In daily use of the vehicle, dirt such as dust, rain, bird excrement, iron powder and so on adhere to the film surface and penetrate into the TPU substrate under the effect of time, which will make the film surface hoarse and lose luster, and also present a yellowing state from the naked eye, but in fact, this situation is mostly pseudo yellowing, not directly caused by the coating.