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Har nye energikøretøjer mere brug for klar ppf-indpakning?

DATE: 2024/03/19

In the past two years, new energy vehicles have risen rapidly, and consumer demand for new energy vehicles has reached new heights. With the explosive growth of energy vehicles, the car PPF market has also ushered in new opportunities. In the field of mid-to-high-end new energy vehicles, the installation of malingsbeskyttelsesfilm has gradually become a must-have for new cars after they are launched. Why do new energy car owners prefer PPF protection so much? Do new energy vehicles more need klar ppf wrap?

Clear PPF

Increased recognition of PPF

The uniqueness and irreplaceability of original car paint determines the importance car owners attach to car paint maintenance. TPU Paint Protection Film has the advantages of improving the brightness of the paint surface, preventing minor scratches and scratches, protecting against harmful substances such as ultraviolet rays, acid rain, bird droppings, etc., and has the ability to self-repair, providing long-term "appearance preservation" for the car and preserving the value of the car. With the maturity of technology and the gradual improvement of the market, auto car wrap has been recognized by more and more car owners as a car paint maintenance solution.


More Complex car paint process

Compared with traditional fuel vehicles,new energy vehicles have ahigher iteration speed and greater innovation.In order to achieve a higher-quality body color while complying with concepts such as fuel consumption regulations,carbon peaking,and carbon neutrality,the spraying process has been continuously improved and developed in amore refined direction.The original paint er enhøj-temperature paint,while the repair paint is alav-temperatur male.There are inherent differences.The upgrade of the original paint process has also put forward higher requirements for touch-op maling.It is certain that the more complex the car paint process,the higher the cost of subsequent maintenance and repair.

autolak beskyttelsesfilm

Based on the above reasons,car owners are more enthusiastic than ever about installing self healing ppf.When choosing car paint protection film,the quality of car films is crucialKPALFILM uses polycaprolactone-type aliphatic TPU particles.After 10 years of equivalent weathering,it still exhibits excellent visual and physical quality and stable quality,helping your car gain stronger core competitiveness.