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Service après-vente

Couverture de garantie

Notre service après-vente vous aidera si vous avez des questions ou des problèmes.

La garantie couvre: le dégommage, le craquelage, le cloquage et le délaminage. Cette garantie ne couvre pas l'usure du produit, la corrosion externe, les accidents, les collisions ou toute forme de dommage intentionnel causé par des forces externes.

Le film de protection pour peinture KPAL doit être placé dans un entrepôt bien ventilé. La température ambiante doit être comprise entre 20 ℃ et 28 ℃ et l'humidité doit être de 50 à 70%.

Précautions pour l'utilisation du film de protection de la peinture:

1. Avoid washing the car within one week after applying the film to ensure the best adhesion between the glue and the paint;

2. When cleaning the vehicle, avoid using a high-pressure water gun to wash the edges of the membrane;

3. When cleaning the vehicle, avoid using brushes and corrosive chemicals;

4. Avoid hard objects scratching and scrubbing the surface of the film hard. The traces of scratching and abrasion will affect the overall effect of the film

5. It is recommended to perform routine care on the membrane surface every two months;

6. It is not recommended to polish on the film surface;

7. The intensity of ultraviolet radiation in the summer sun is very strong. Do not park your car outside for a long time and expose it to the sun;

8. Do not park your car under a tree, otherwise there will be a lot of guano shellac glue sticking to the membrane surface, which is highly corrosive and easy to damage the membrane surface coating;

9. Do not park your car under the exhaust fan of the range hood for a long time, otherwise there will be a lot of oil stains on the membrane surface, which is not easy to clean;

10. Do not park your car for a long time at the dripping point of the air-conditioning outlet. The corrosive air-conditioning water will damage the structure of the film surface coating;

11. Do not park the car in the rain for a long time, the acid in the rain will erode the membrane surface;

12. If used as a wedding car, do not stick the suction cup directly on the membrane surface; wedding car ribbons, firecrackers and fireworks can easily cause staining on the membrane surface, and need to be cleaned and maintained within 12 hours;

Processus de réclamation

If necessary, KPAL team will work together with you within a very short period of time to take care of your issues.

Please provide the following information to us:

·Photo of the film serial number, which is usually posted inside the tube core, and inform us the purchased model
·Videos or pictures showing license plate number and problems with film on the car
·Car model and year