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Enjoy endless autumn colors with KPAL Color Changing Film!

DATUM: 2023-10-23

The four seasons revolve, and autumn becomes more and more intense; Autumn is clear and refreshing, with a pleasant breeze. Autumn falls, and the wind brings silent greetings.

Hi! Here is a collision of autumn inspirations. Please sign for it! Let your love car accompany you into autumn.

1️⃣ G5061Ultra Gloss Desert Storm

The warm earth color scheme showcases natural tenderness, wild romance, and uninhibited atmosphere, like the color of autumn leaves.

 Ultra Gloss Desert Storm

2️⃣ G5013Ultra Gloss Yellow

The color is like the light emitted by the sun, inspired by sunflowers, symbolizing a positive attitude and vibrant spirit, full of vitality.

 Ultra Gloss Yellow

3️⃣ G5063Ultra Gloss Cream White

The gentle khaki color is known as the milk colored ceiling, and the milk tea colored crystal highlights the texture, making it a desirable gentle and elegant. Low key and noble, luxurious and unique, full of autumn comfort.

 Ultra Gloss Cream White

4️⃣ G5057Ultra Gloss Light Ivory

Blending coffee and milky white colors, the retro neutral color band brings a warm and healing feeling, and some classic combinations still make people feel excited. Not ordinary ivory white, crystal style, giving people an elegant, refined, and clear feeling. Classic white, never making mistakes.

 Ultra Gloss Light Ivory

KPAL Color Changing Filmwill bring people an advanced autumn Maillard experience, like drinking the first cup of autumn milk tea, which is silky and sweet.

The elegance of the Maillard color scheme perfectly corresponds to the calmness of autumn, allowing your car to break free from the mundane routine and the complexity of work, cleverly blending with the dull autumn.

KPAL kleur feroarjende film tightly holds the temperament aspect, with a visually personalized texture, making your car easily the focus of the street.


It has to be said that KPAL color changing film and autumn are indeed versatile. Welcome to unlock more color schemes. Let KPAL color changing film sail towards poetry and distance with you, exploring more possibilities!