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Special Car Film Cutting Software is also a Hard Power of KPAL!

DATUM: 2023-11-06

With the rapid development of mobile internet, both enterprises and consumers are pursuing "Efficiency" en "Precision". Dêrom, "Internet Plus" en "Big Data" are becoming the trumpets for all walks of life to effectively occupy the market.

In our consistent impression, the automotive aftermarket is a relatively "traditional and conservative" industry. It seems that the cutting-edge concepts of mobile internet and big data are insulated from our automotive aftermarket. But in fact, Big Data + Intelligence is also a powerful tool in the automotive aftermarket.

In recent years, the intelligent paint facial mask cutting system exclusively developed by KPAL. is one of the best!

PPF Cutting Software

KPAL is a professional domestic enterprise that serves the automotive aftermarket in the form of a technology company. Since its establishment, it has been focusing on the development of specialized Automotive Paint Protection Film and Automotive aftermarket Snijsoftware for many years. Currently, it has open Intelligent PPF Cutting Program both domestically and internationally, and is equipped with a professional programmer team, committed to creating profits through technology.

Pioneering Move: What is data-driven computer film cutting?

The automotive market is rapidly developing, and more and more car enthusiasts are choosing to stick invisible car vests on their cars. Currently, there are generally two methods for installing invisible car vests on the market: Manual Film Cutting Construction or Computer Film Cutting Construction.

Manual Film Cutting requires technicians to use art knives on the surface of automobiles for pure manual cutting, which requires high technical proficiency and relatively complex processes. This can easily lead to slow installation and pasting of automotive films, or high waste costs for merchants. But Computer Film Cutting is achieved by matching the car model with a computer, achieving automatic cutting by the equipment, and then manual installation and pasting. Save time, effort, and money.

KPAL Computer Film Cutting


Giant Leap: from an "agricultural" society to an information society

Data is the most persuasive weapon. Taking the construction of an SUV as an example, traditional manual film cutting may take up to 14 meters, and even using traditional specialized vehicles would require 12 meters. But after using KPAL's one click intelligent layout, it only takes 10 meters to complete the construction of the same standard, saving time, labor, and materials.

Saving materials means saving money! The savings in raw materials and construction costs, as well as the conversion of leftover film materials from manual cutting, will at least increase the profit margin of the store by 30% -50%.

The Power of Technology: KPAL Special Vehicle Data Collection Process

KPAL has been dedicated to the field of ferve beskerming film for specialized vehicles for many years, from data scanning to editing and processing, from 3D molding to 3D presentation. Adopting point cloud data processing solutions, creating patterns, connecting various stages and aspects of 3D model processing. By adjusting surface details and analyzing 3D surface platformization, the final 2D data results are obtained.

Each step is the power of technology and the presentation of data intelligence. Not to mention a flat surface, even with a360 °rotation, precise editing and real vehicle proofreading are no longer necessary. Even the modified components of the vehicle can achieve perfect protection for "Exclusive Use".With just one click, you can enjoy computer intelligent automatic typesetting.

KPAL Special Vehicle Data Advantage

KPAL Special Car Cutting Data - full edge design, precise edge wrapping, perfect fit, support for editing and customization, covering a comprehensive range of car models. During use, the cutting process is reduced, eliminating the need to disassemble parts, making cutting more material efficient and construction more time and effort saving. In addition, it can also maximize the ductility of the membrane, reduce the risk of edge formation, and reduce the damage to the membrane caused by excessive pulling.

Application of KPAL Cutting System to Land Rover

Net allinne dat, KPAL Intelligent Film Cutting Software is currently a system in the industry that can achieve High-quality one click intelligent typesetting function. This means that in the era of pursuing efficiency and energy conservation everywhere, KPAL has taken a solid step towards a more time-saving and material saving direction!