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Causes and solutions of transparent car paint protective film fouling and Dulling

DATA: 2022-12-28

O recén instalado limpar película protectora de pintura is clear and bright, but it doesn't take long for it to start to stain and become matte and dull. In such a situation, it is necessary to pay attention to the following three reasons caused by the most likely!

A. Improper construction caused by excessive stretch

When the technician is sticking the filmon some parts of the larger arc, the tensile strength is too high to cause the coating to become thin or damaged, the coating to the outside light, heat, ultraviolet, dust and other substances to resist greatly reduced, thus becoming dumb, fouling phenomenon.



When the construction of large parts of the arc, such as bumper, mirror corner and other positions, do not over stretch damage coating, should keep the film surface and paint between the full lubrication, so that the film surface will be uniform force, to prevent local overstretch resulting in matte film surface loss of light. If local hoarseness has occurred, but it is detected in a timely manner, we can restore it by roasting the gun and heating it with hot water.



Nota:The coating cannot be recovered after curing because it is not detected and treated in time.


B. Caused by substrate and coating

Some PVC,TPH material of car film, in order to pursue better flexibility to add excessive plasticizer. Once the plasticizer is precipitated, it will cause matte and fouling phenomenon. Not only that, the plasticizer precipitation will also lead to the rubber layer falling off, the offset printing on the paint surface, and the final corrosion of the car paint.

At present, the car film coating on the market can be divided into two kinds: second repair and self-repair. However, the coating of second repairTPU is too soft, the coating density is not enough, the hydrophobicity and the stain resistance are poor, and the surface ofTPU will become matte and dirty over time. Therefore,KPAL has replaced it with the hot repair TPU with high stain resistance.

There are some car paint protective film in order to meet the car film market demand for brightness, in the coating inside the high brightness curing agent. This curing agent structure contains double bond structure, which has poor weather resistance and is very easy to break under the irradiation of sunlight and ultraviolet rays, resulting in insufficient coating density to effectively resist the erosion of external substances, resulting in hoarseness and fouling phenomenon.



It is difficult for consumers to avoid buying PVC or TPH materials from the source, so they should choose regular brands of polycaprolactone aliphatic TPU materials, which can maximize the protection of your legitimate rights and interests.

C. External corrosion

Such as guano, insect corpse, gum, air conditioning water, lampblack, acid rain and other strong acid and alkali substances, will cause coating corrosion resulting in PPF become dumb and dirty, accumulation time is longer, the degree of corrosion is more serious, this situation can not be ignored.




Regular car washing and maintenance is very important! Stick car enterprise protective film and can not be once and for all. Under normal circumstances to ensure that every two weeks wash the car, half a year maintenance, can effectively ensure the service life and overall performance of the invisible clothes, but if the car environment is more severe, the frequency of car washing and maintenance needs to be higher, so that the car membrane more resistant to all kinds of harsh environment erosion.