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The New Color PPF [2] —— TPU Ferrai Red for Christmas

DAT: 2022-12-20

KPAL Color TPU car Paint Protective film brightlisted! In this edition of the NEWS,KPAL will bring you a super suitable color for Christmas -KPAL Ferrari red. It's going to be cool to drive a super bright red Ferrari on snowy Christmas Eve.



The color is a tribute to the queen of F1 racing; The overall effect of sticking on the car body is passionate and ardent. When a Ferrari in Ferrari red pulls up in front of you, you will be attracted by its hot and amazing appearance.




Red has always been one of the most prominent colors, this KPAL Ferrari red PPF and publicity high profile and sexy atmosphere in one, will blossom out of the public fashion mark, let people dream of speed and passion in a moment -- this color of car paint protective film with sports cars is really very suitable!




At the same time, the new KPAL TPU Ferrari red is more vivid and full than the general PVC color film, and the light sense is stronger and brighter - and has all the performance of clear car film : automatic scratch repair/paint anti-aging/super anti-pollution effect, is one of the best choices to achieve your color changing and protection of car paint needs!