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How To Maintain Car Wrap Film?

Dátum: 2022-06-08

Whether it is PPF or vinyl wrap, if you want to keepits brightness and high value, you need to maintain and repair the car's paint as well, KPAL tells you from which aspects you need to pay attention to.


Mire kell figyelnem?

1.Initially after the construction is completed, the adhesion of the film is low, especially the edge part. There will be the possibility of subsequent bubbles or blisters, which is a normal phenomenon and may disappear naturally after 10~20 days, or you can return to the store for treatment or consultation for timely treatment.

2.Wash the car after the film is dry (about 7 days), don't spray with water gun against the seam of the film and the car paint.

3.Avoid using items with adhesives and such to stick to the film surface.

4.Avoid using cleaning tools that can damage the film surface. Do not use brushes, abrasives or sponges with abrasives to clean the film surface.Use a soft, damp cloth to wipe the surface of the film with water, and if a cleaner is used, use a neutral cleaner to clean it.


A napi használat módjai

Annak érdekében, hogy a fólia felülete olyan fényes maradjon, mint az új, és meghosszabbítsa az élettartamát, kérjük, időben kezelje a következő helyzeteket.

1.Wash the car in time after long-distance driving at high speed, otherwise there will be a large number of insect carcasses sticking to the film surface, which is not easy to clean.

2.Do not park under trees for a long time, otherwise there will be a lot of bird droppings and insect glue sticking to the film surface, which will aggravate the damage to the film structure.

3.Do not park under the exhaust fan of the hood for a long time, otherwise there will be a lot of oil stains accumulated on the membrane surface, which is not easy to clean.

4.Do not park in the air conditioning outlet drip for a long time, otherwise the corrosive air conditioning water will destroy the membrane structure.

5.Wash the car in time after the rain, otherwise the strong acid in the rain will aggravate the erosion of the membrane surface under the sun.


Polírozhatom és viaszolhatom az autófóliámat?

A matt fólia kivételével a többi fólia normál autóként kezelhető. Nincs szükség projektzárásra és bevonásra, amíg a gyantázással nagyon jó tükörfényes hatás érhető el. Nem ajánlott azonban túl gyakran polírozni.