Is it necessary to stick PPF headlight film ? Is it an IQ tax or not?

DATE: 2022/11/10

A lot of people are asking whether the PPF headlamp protector is really useful? HereK PAL unified reply: this is definitely useful!



[KPAL Smoke Purple light film-Esempio di installazione]


The lamp film is the same as the car paint protective film, is an important protective barrier of our car lights! It's like putting a damage-proof, invisible device on your headlights, especially on a new car! If you don't want your car in the process of driving because of carelessness and all over the scars, then quickly put the lamp film arrangement on it!


 PPF lamp film's advantages ]

· XNUMX€  PPF is also called invisible car clothing. Attaching PPF to your headlights can protect your headlights from scratches and bumps.


· XNUMX€ The PPF light film is transparent and practical, which will not affect the lighting effect of the car.


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[KPAL Smoke Dark light film-Esempio di installazione]


· XNUMX€  Install PPF light film to a car can make it more beautiful. The colorful transparent PPF attached to the headlights is like wearing a cool pair of sunglasses on the car.


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[KPAL Smoke Purple light film-Esempio di installazione]


Therefore, PPF invisibleleggera film improves the driving experience in the aspects of beauty and use, greatly enhances the protection of the car, and is very necessary for you to take care of your car.