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How Can I Clean My Car With PPF?

Tanggal: 2021-11-29

PPF is a transparent protective film, which protects the car paint from damage, and will inevitably come into direct contact with dirt, that is, it will still be dirty. As transparent film, how should it be cleaned? It is normal.There are still some things to pay attention to when washingthe car.

1. The cleaning cycle of PPF

Wash the car regularly, once a week. It doesn't need to be too frequent. Do not wash the car within a week after you just putit on. The dirt can be wiped clean with a soft fine towel and clean water;

Corrosive dirt (greasy dirt, staining, bird droppings, etc.) should be cleaned within 24 hours as much as possible, leaving it alone will leave traces that are difficult to remove;

Returning to the film shop for maintenance for half a year or a year is actually a thorough cleaning of the surface of the film to remove stubborn stains that accumulate over time.


2. What to pay attention to when cleaning PPF

Avoid the water gun directly scouring the edge, which can reduce the chance of edge warping;

Do not use unclean water for cleaning;

Do not use acid-base corrosive cleaning agents to cleanit.

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