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What is the industry leading glue for superior car ppf?

Tanggal: 2024-02-19

I believe that many car owners have used ppf for car and have a certain understanding of the material of protection paint film. However, a high-quality car ppf also requires high-quality glue so as not to leave scars on the car. Please follow KPALFILM below to learn liyane about the glue for ppf wraps.

Kaping pisanan, the structure of the TPU PPF bisa divided into five layers according to function. The installation adhesive layer in direct contact with the car paint is an important factor in determining whether ppf car protection is good or not. Inferior glue can also cause problems such as edge warping, residual glue, and corrosion of car paint.

tpu ppf

Unlike the dazzling number of ppf brands, profilm ppf basically uses Ashland glue. Ashland glue comes from the United States. The glue layer is stable and has been tested by multiple new materials laboratories. It can ensure that no glue remains and no damage is caused to the paint.

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In addition, to understand the glue of the invisible car cover, the first thing is the "construction" issue. Whether it sticks well or not is the first criterion for everyone to judge a ppf covering. A good glue, such as Ashland glue, has a relatively low initial viscosity to facilitate positioning. There is also a relatively good adhesive force to ensure that the adhesion is firm and does not peel off. Because of the influence of the base material and coating on the glue, generally manufacturers will prepare different glues for different car wrap ppf series to ensure that it is easy to construct and not easy to peel off. , which requires repeated experiments.

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Besides, it is worth mentioning that Premium TPU PPF all use Ashland glue, such as: Suntek,LLumar,V-Kook, etc. Ashland Pressure-Sensitive glue is Environmentally friendly glue does not cause any harm to the human body and has low viscosity, allowing construction technicians to fully adjust the position saka mobil pf so that the car cover fully fits the paint surface. After the installation is completed, the stickiness of the glue can be fully exerted, and it can be firmly attached to the paint surface without any glue residue. After being removed, the paint surface will be as clean as new.

Miturut cara, KPALFILM use Asland Pressure Sensitive Glue, combined with our own exclusive technology, which not only has good adhesion, is easy to construct, is environmentally friendly and non-toxic, and leaves no residual glue, but also the low viscosity will not cause damage to your car's original paint.

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Bisa diarani kaya ngono KPAL TPU PPF Film has 0 water spots, 0 stains, and 0 rain stains. It is Leading Brand of Car PPF that has been proven by the market and is trustworthy, allowing you to enjoy the quality of imported ppf wrap at the most reasonable price.