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Колку е исплатливо да се примени автомобил PPF?

ДАТУМ: 2023-12-18

The first thing many car owners do after picking up their cars is to add various protective measures, especially ППФ application. However, some people wonder whether the cost of applying a film is worth it? Is waxing, maintenance, and repainting also very cost-effective?

Денес, КПАЛ will give you a comparison of "Apply PPF наспротиOобиченMaintenance". Which one is more cost-effective?


Applying a layer of protective wax to the surface of the car body and throwing the wax out to shine is a traditional first-generation paint beauty solution that can improve the brightness of the paint surface.



Economical and Affordable: cheap price and simple construction.


Краток Pротација Time: It dissolves when exposed to water and high temperature, and requires frequent waxing. It generally only stays for about 15 days, requiring multiple constructions, and waxing nearly 20 times a year;

на Pротирачки Performance is Average: It can only protect against dust, but the protective effect is not obvious against scratches and scratches. Chemical substances will penetrate into the small cracks and gaps in the car paint, oxidize and corrode the car paint, and turn it yellow and old.

Sealing Gмрзеливост:

Through a special vibration polishing machine, the glaze is pressed into the interior of the car paint to form a mesh protective film. The price of the second-generation paint beauty project is generally around 800 to 1,000 yuan.



Protective Car Paint: It can improve the hardness of the paint surface, resist high temperatures, acid rain, and UV rays.


сиромашните Durability: The main component is organic matter, which is easily acidified and oxidized. The durability is average and needs to be used 3 to 6 times a year;

Inflexible: It cannot be changed to waxing or other methods, it can only be sealed with glaze.

Applying PPF:

It is essentially a high-performance new environmentally friendly film with super toughness. After installation, it can isolate the car paint surface from the air. It is a physical level of protection. It can prevent acid rain, oxidation, scratches, and lasting protection of the paint surface.



Осветли Car Paint: Integrate with the original car, increase the brightness by 30%~40%, and keep it as beautiful as new;

Се спротивстави Corrosion: Prevent oil, grease, weak alkali, sand, acid rain, etc. from damaging the original car paint;

мали Sгребење Repair: Super tensile performance, can resist general scratches and friction, small scratches can be thermally repaired.


на Price is relatively expensive: A few thousand for cheaper ones, tens of thousands for expensive ones;

Индустрија Chaos: The invisible car clothing industry is a mixed bag, requiring consumers to keep their eyes open and choose reliable brands.

Избор КПАЛФИЛМ can keep the original car paint looking brand new for a long time.

Избор на Висок квалитет ППФ is also an investment. One investment, lifelong benefits.