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How to use PPF to against car paint “skin diseases”?

तारीख: 2024-01-29

Car paint is like a "skin" covering the exterior of a car. If the "skin" is well maintained, the car will look bright. However, in daily life, when cars drive under different road conditions or environments, the surface of the car paint has experienced long-term exposure to the sun, wind and rain, and will slowly weather, especially the erosion of acid rain, which will further weaken the car paint. The surface becomes rough and dull.

In addition to the erosion of the natural environment, vehicles will also encounter scratches with other vehicles or scratches with other objects. What's more, they will also encounter malicious scratches from other people. Regardless of the above situation, it will cause damage to the car paint surface, which will manifest as various "skin diseases."

Symptom 1: Losing तकाकी

Many car owners will find that after driving the car for a period of time, the gloss of the paint is much darker than when they first picked up the car. In fact, this is a sign of oxidation of the paint. Year-round sunlight is the main reason for shortening the life of car paint. Ultraviolet rays in the sun will eventually cause the failure of car coatings.जादा वेळ,the car body paint will not only lose luster, but also turn black, white, and the surface will become rough.

car wrap gloss

लक्षण १: Microcracks

Under strong sunlight, the outermost varnish layer of the paint surface is gradually damaged, the paint is burned, and the metallic paint surface will produce a very fine crack, which will continue to penetrate the car paint until it "breaks down" the entire paint. layers, eventually causing cracks.


Symptom 3: Scratches

When the car is driving at high speed, sand particles, branches, etc. hitting the paint surface of the car will cause small scratches. When washing the car, the rag stained with fine sand particles can also cause car paint surface scratches.

car scratches

When our car shows these "symptoms", we need to "prescribe the right medicine" - first of all, we must not be lazy. If we find dirt on the surface of the car, we need to clean it in time. Otherwise, there will be too many stains accumulated and it will be troublesome when cleaning later. It is easy to damage the car paint surface. Once damage to the car paint is found, measures such as spray painting, waxing, sealing, polishing and grinding can be used to remedy the damage, depending on the severity of the damage. However, the best treatment method is never "injection and medication", but prevention in advance.

टीपीयू पीपीएफ फिल्म

येथे आहे कुठे पेंट प्रोटेक्शन फिल्म comes in as एक प्रगत form of preventive care.TPU Car Wरॅपिंग Fइल्म acts as a transparent barrier, shielding the car's paint from scratches, chips, and UV damage. It's like applying संरक्षणात्मक थर to our skin to guard against external threats. By मध्ये गुंतवणूक pff कार owners can proactively protect their vehicle's "skin" and maintain its pristine appearance for longer periods, minimizing the need for extensive repairs down the line. Just as preventive skincare routines can keep our skin healthy and radiant,integrating स्पष्ट कार ब्रा into car care practices can ensure long-lasting beauty and protection for your vehicle.

KPALFILM-K-PLUS TPU PPF series is made of American Ashland glue combined with the industry's high-grade TPU base material, and is integrated with KPAL's unique सिरेमिक कार कोटिंग. Synchronous stretching and excellent comprehensive performance make the clear ppf have the characteristics of high tension, high pull force, strength and aging resistance, protecting the car paint for a longer period of time.