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पेंट प्रोटेक्टर फिल्म कामगिरी चाचणी काय आहे?

तारीख: 2024-02-26

केपीएएल पीपीएफ ब्रँड उत्पादने often undergo comprehensive performance test before entering the market to ensure the quality of the protective film and consumer rights.

The following are relevant product tests that केपीएएलचित्रपट will conduct before shipment:

Mechanical Property Test

One of the core functions of clear ppf is its ability to resist scratches, and this tests the physical and mechanical properties of the ppf car coating. In order to ensure the physical protection performance of clear bra ppf, the product usually needs to undergo the following tests:

Ø Breaking strength test

Ø Elongation at break test

Ø Puncture resistance test

Ø Gravel impact test

Ø Tensile deformation curvature test

By stretching, puncturing, and stone impact, the wear resistance, scratch resistance, and impact resistance of wrap ppf can be judged, ensuring that the car paint can be protected from damage in the face of flying sand, accidental scratches, malicious scratches, and other situations.

car <a class='inkey' href='https://www.kpalautomotive.com/blog/Which-is-better-for-car-paint-crystal-plating-or-PPF-coating/' target='_blank'>ppf coating</a> mechanical property test

Anti-fouling and Corrosion Resistance Test

In the car environment, cars are often corroded by various stains and corrosive substances. In order to ensure that the beauty of the paint surface can be maintained after the full पेंट संरक्षण चित्रपट is installed, the following tests are usually carried out on the product:

Ø Pollution resistance test

Ø Dye resistance test

Ø गंज प्रतिकार चाचणी

Through the above tests, the corrosive penetration effects on the surface of car body film protection caused by rain, bird droppings and insect corpses, chemical detergents, acid and alkali reagents, etc. can be simulated, thereby preventing the surface of the car clothing from being tarnished or even leaving spots.

auto ppf anti-fouling and corrosion resistance test

Weathering Stability Test

Automotive PPF face long-term exposure to wind, sun, and rain, and must ensure good weather stability to ensure durability and protect the safety of the car paint. For the weather stability of car clothing, the following testing methods are usually used:

Ø High and low temperature environment test

Ø UV ultraviolet accelerated aging test

Ø UV yellowing resistance test

Ø Accelerated hydrolysis test

Through these tests, we can avoid serious gloss loss, cracking, hydrolysis, yellowing and other phenomena in PPF wrap during long-term use, which will affect the service life of the car clothing and even endanger the safety of the car paint.

ppf weathering stability test

Glue Performance Test

टीपीयू पीपीएफ चित्रपट is adhered to the paint surface through सरस. The performance of the glue will directly affect the construction effect and service life of TPU PPF. In order to ensure the performance of the glue, the following testing methods are usually used:

Ø Circular initial adhesion test

Ø Hanging adhesion test

Ø Peel strength test

Through the above projects, it is possible to test the difficulty of pasting car films, the adhesive holding effect, and whether the corners are prone to warping, ensuring good adhesive performance of car paint protection film.

clear car wrap glue performance test

Car PPF Gloss Test

PPF Protection has the effect of brightening the gloss of car paint, which mainly depends on the permeability and mirror reflection ability of the car clothing. Therefore, the following tests are often performed on car ppf bra:

Ø High gloss transparent glossiness test

Ø Fixed blackboard glossiness test

Ø Visible light transmittance test

Through the above tests, the effect of clear wrap car protection on improving the gloss of the paint surface and whether it will cause color distortion of the paint surface can be measured to ensure the beauty of the paint surface after installation.

Car PPF Gloss Test

At KPALFILM, we understand that protecting your vehicle’s paint is about more than just functionality; This is also to maintain its aesthetic appeal. That's why we go to great lengths to ensure that our premium PPF brand products undergo rigorous testing to guarantee performance and quality. With KPALFILM, you can trust that your vehicle is in good hands. Experience ultimate paint protection and beauty with our premium PPF.

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