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What’s the matter with “Car Clothing Hydrolysis” that’s More Terrifying than degumming yellow?

तारीख: 2023-12-05

When talking about the after-sales problems of inferior invisible car clothing, including but not limited to: sनेहमी yellowing, water spots and water stains, degumming... and other problems. Although we always say that inferior car clothing is prone to yellowing, in fact, yellowing is not the most terrifying after-sales problem of car clothing.

तर काय आहे Mधातूचा Terrifying than yellowing and degumming? ——कार Clothing Hydrolysis!


The car cover that was originally a whole car was finally powdered on the car. The coating, base layer, and glue all dissolved together and turned into a ball of paste. It needs to be removed bit by bit with a hard scraper or even a shovel. It is not good for the original factory. Car paint causes extremely serious and irreversible damage.

आज, केपीएएल will take you to understand the causes and solutions of hydrolysis of car clothing!

1. हायड्रॉलिसिस म्हणजे काय?

Hydrolysis is a chemical reaction in which water reacts with another compound to produce two or more new compounds. In layman's terms, hydrolysis of car clothing is a chemical reaction that causes the coating substrate and glue to dissolve together. Generally speaking, hydrolysis is a problem that only occurs with invisible car clothing made of certain TPU materials. 

2. Why do some car clothes hydrolyze?

The reason for the hydrolysis of car clothing starts with the composition of the TPU material. Generally speaking, TPU is the basic component of car film, providing good light transmittance and toughness, and is a solid barrier to prevent car paint from being scratched and damaged, but there are many types of TPU. If you buy a car jacket made of polyester TPU base material, you will face the risk of hydrolysis. Due to the presence of easily hydrolyzable ester groups, polyester TPU is easily attacked by water molecules, causing molecular chain breakage, and the acid generated by hydrolysis can catalyze further hydrolysis of polyester. Finally, under the combined attack of light and rain, the original entire form The TPU will completely decompose into balls of paste and adhere to the car body.


3. How to handle it after hydrolysis?

For cars with initial signs of hydrolysis, car owners should immediately contact the store to remove the film from the entire vehicle to avoid the serious consequences of complete scrapping of the original car paint caused by large-scale hydrolysis in the later period; when the store faces hydrolysis of the car coating, it should be based on the degree of hydrolysis. सुरू करा1 tearing, 2 shoveling and 3 spraying operations respectively: If the degree of hydrolysis is relatively light, priority should be given to manually tearing off the film to avoid damage to the original car paint. If the hydrolyzed car clothing has been dissolved on the car body, it should be removed with a glue remover solvent, and finally the partially removed area or the entire vehicle paint surface should be spray-painted.


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