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A reliable window film brings you the ultimate experience!

DATUM: 2024-01-02

Sinds de eerste autoruitfolie was released in the 1960s, the technology exploration of car interior insulation has been constantly updated and iterated, from film surface dyeing to heat absorbing interlayer, and now to magnetron sputtering and nano keramiek. Tot nu toe,raamfolie has become a popular product in the automotive aftermarket.

KPAL Autoruitfolie

How to select products that are truly at the forefront of technology and of excellent quality in a highly homogenized market? Perhaps, we can start from the [technical perspective and production process] to explore how a "good window film" should be "intelligently manufactured".

"Metal Film" - Magnetron Sputtering

The core of metal film lies in magnetron sputtering technology. In a vacuum environment, metal targets such as silver, titanium, gold, indium, and copper are bombarded with ions to uniformly form metal ions and adhere to the optical grade PET substrate to achieve nano scale metal film layer cover.


"Ceramic Film"- Nanotechnologie

The nano ceramic insulation film technology was born at the beginning of this century, and the manufacturing process of "ceramic films" was sorted out. After selecting the insulation ceramic material, it is usually prepared into nano ceramic particles through techniques such as vapor deposition. Then, the particles are mixed with adhesive and coated on a high tension optical grade PET substrate to form a dense mesh insulation layer.

KPAL Nano Ceramic Window Film

Different brands will adjust the quantity and density of nano ceramic insulation layers based on the practical application needs of their products. Unlike "metal film" anti oxidation coatings,"ceramic film" usually has an external scratch resistant coating to enhance product weather resistance and maintain aesthetics.

Based on the principle of heat insulation, the "metal film" is more about reflecting external heat to block heat transfer. The "ceramic membrane" is more about setting up a "buffer zone" for heat transfer, "temporarily storing" the heat in the insulation layer, and evacuating the heat in real time through air flow, thus has the effect of isolating heat.

KPALFILM by grasping the trade-off between raamfolie insulation performance and practical application, various imported materials are selected separately to fully meet the needs of car owners in comprehensive car use scenarios.