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How to defeat car paint common killers by protective film?

DATUM: 2024-03-04

It is said that people are decorated by clothes, and cars are decorated by paint. Although car paint does not affect the use of the vehicle, it is the only irreversible part of the car. Whether a car owner cares about maintaining his car can be seen from the condition of the car's paint. Here's what someone has to say. I wash, wax, and polish my car regularly. Why does my car still look so old? That's because you don't realize that there are several common “killers” that car paint faces in daily travel.

Insect carcasses and bird droppings

Bird droppings are usually off-white in color and look harmless, but most of them are acidic and can be corrosive when dropped on car paint. At worst, it will cause the paint surface to lose its luster.

bird droppings & ppf

Gum dripping

De kauwgom is colorless and difficult to detect, but it is also corrosive. Cleaning with wet wipes is not effective and may even expand the area. Cars that stay under trees for a long time need to pay special attention to this.

gum dripping & clear car wrap

Oxidative discoloration

When a car is exposed to ultraviolet rays for a long time, the oil in the paint will continue to evaporate to protect itself. Over time, the accumulated oil dissipates excessively and forms an oxide layer, which greatly reduces the brightness and depth of the paint surface.

oxidative discoloration & <a class='inkey' href='' target='_blank'>paint protective film</a>

Andere factoren

Perhaps you can avoid the previous points if you are careful, but the "kind greetings" from other riders while driving are unpredictable. In the event of a scratch accident, the paint surface will inevitably suffer minor or severe damage.

car scratch accident & paint recover ppf coat

Faced with these car paint killers, are you unable to resist? To keep your car shiny and tidy at all times, there is a way to do it once and for all - install KPAL Pescherming Fwetenschap!

KPAL TPU Pbeschermend Fwetenschap zijn allemaal gemaakt van imported high-quality materials, resulting in excellent weather resistance, chemical resistance, wear resistance, tear resistance, anti-fouling properties, etc.

Beschermen Oorigineel Car Paint

KPAL Car PPF Fwetenschap kan vormen a Fysiek ppf coat layer on the surface of the car to protect the original car paint from scratches and damage. 

auto ppf films

Uitstekend STain Rslijst

KPAL Clear Car Wtik has super corrosion resistance, and can resist long-term damage to the paint surface such as asphalt, grease, weak alkali, sand and acid rain, etc. It maximizes the protection of the original car paint and is only installed once.

Super Tinkuilen Pigenschappen

Because of its excellent material, KPAL Clear PPF selects the world's top base materials to make it have good ductility and can fit perfectly on any car curved surface.

onzichtbaar Brightening Car Paint

KPAL Guit PPF can be integrated with the original car and doesn't affect the true color of the paint surface at all. It can greatly improve the gloss of the car paint surface and make your car as beautiful as new.

For car owners, a shiny and new car paint is like "face". In order to protect your "face", it is very necessary to choose an onzichtbaar ppf-bedekking with excellent quality.

 Kies KPALFILM to make your car more comprehensive!

ppf self healing film