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Take you to understand the secret behind the production of Car Clear PPF!

DATUM: 2024-01-15

Wat voor soort PPF zal je beschermen auto? What kind of material is the best Car TPU PPF? ......Did you werkelijk om te weten wat over deze?

Standaard 1Substrate Sverkiezing

Momenteel de beste ppf film paint protection on the market uses TPU basis materiaal. It is a polymer material between rubber and plastic. It was originally extracted from petroleum. The finished product is rice-sized particles. Its main characteristics are: good recovery, good elasticity, strong toughness enzovoort.

During refining, depending on the refining technology and ingredients, there are differences in product appearance and performance. The clearer the color, the better the quality!


Standaard 2: Zelfklevend Process

The TPU film surface is here, and the next step is the composite glue. The adhesive backing process of the film is the same as spray painting. You need to spray primer before spraying color paint. The same goes for the adhesive backing. First, scan the ppf-coating with an electron beam, then apply the glue on the film, and then compound it on the film surface.


Generally, the back glue of car clothing produced in Japan is acrylic glue (acrylic glue is the popular name), and the best glue currently comes from brands such as Ashland in the United States and Toyo Chemicals and Henkel in Japan. KPALFILM Glue uses the above-mentioned imported glue.

Standaard 3Czweten Technology

The so-called coating process simply adds a layer of nano-repair coating material to the TPU base material, which is equivalent to adding an extra layer of protection. Coating technology can be said to be the core competitiveness of KPALFILM​ De reden waarom invisible car sticker has many properties such as corrosion resistance, hydrophobicity, resistance to stains, and automatic repair is actually due to the unique coating technology KPALFILM heeft ontwikkeld.