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Como lidar com PPF amarelado?

DATA: 2022-12-19

For the "pseudo-yellowing" caused by stain attachment:

Some yellowing is due to dust, stains fell on the car body did not clean up in time. For this yellowing cause, a neutral stain remover without abrasive can be used to thoroughly clean the vehicle to try to remove it. Do not polish unless necessary, as polishing may damage the original protective coating and cause new problems. Pseudo-yellowing is usually local yellowing, but if the dust and stain completely penetrate into the TPU substrate, there is a possibility that it cannot be removed.


For yellowing caused by substrate glue:

The yellowing caused by the improper selection of TPU substrate and glue is generally large area yellowing, which is irreversible. It is suggested that the store should negotiate with the owner to remove the repastes as soon as possible.

It needs to be emphasized here that the yellowing of TPU substrate, coating or false yellowing caused by dust stains can at most lead to the consequence of film tearing and resticking, but the yellowing of glue has a higher risk, and the chemical reaction between glue and car paint has the possibility of damaging car paint.


How to avoid transparent PPF yellowing?

Yellowing is a natural physical phenomenon. Under the action of time, it is impossible for PPF not to yellowing completely. Therefore, here we only discuss how to control yellowing index of transparent PPF within the industry standard level 2 (slight discoloration) :

First of all,for PPF made of PVC, TPH and aromatic TPU materials, yellowing is basically inevitable, and usually occurs within 6 months to 2 years.Aliphatic TPU materials should be preferred to avoid yellowing of the substrate.Note that the yellowing speed of aliphatic TPU materials of different brands is also different, which requires the casting factory and coating factory to carefully select the substrate particles according to the past industry experience.

The selection of PPF glue has a great exclusivity. Coating factories should choose the glue brands and brands that have been fully tested and certified by the market, and be careful to use some glue brands that have not been strictly tested and verified by the market.

Good car habits are also very important.It is recommended that the car owner wash the car at least once every two weeks and go to the store every six months to maintain the protective film of the car paint. This can as far as possible to avoid the surface stain depth penetration into the substrate, resulting in "false yellow" to "true yellow".